This is the story about two brothers, They are called Godonfredo bros, and they live the most amazing and crazily adventures in fusatown.

Here you can foun information and all the Art about this Tv series.

01 abril 2009

Secondary Characters

Is the Principal in the Elementary School from Fusatown. He is a dog, but still keep it as a secret.

His real name is Chusches Mc Morran, is a Lieutentant-coronel in the US FORCE and is the strongest man in the world. His muscles and gruff voice, keep everyone in line.

Cruel and hearthless with the kids, the Caretaker keep the peace in the school, and dont stand that they make noise or be late.

MASIMA, the teacher
She is so sweet and kind with the kids. Is the Godonfredo Junior´s teacher and she is in love with Godonfredo, the older brother.


He is an old man who worked his all life as an icecream seller. And he really hate his life and this work. He is too alone and his only company is a doll.

This chicken is the Mayor in Fusatown. But there is something wrong with him. No one knows what.

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